Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wedding budgets

As the days of our engagement wear on, we are faced with the planning of the wedding. The beau doesn't seem to care about the specifics, he just wants me to be happy.  He keeps saying "team us."  So, I have all of these ideas and grand plans in my head, but do you know how much these things actually cost?  It is crazy.  We have decided to keep the wedding to mostly family and a few really, really, close friends but that's still about 60 people.  I think I have decided on colors, and a theme - nautical them with yellow & blue & white stripes...just not sure what to do next!  So, have you planned a wedding on a budget?  Give me all the details, please!  I feel like people in my "real life" are already getting tired of hearing about the wedding because I won't shut up about it. ;)



Dallin Stokes said...

OMFG, I wish I lived in Florida, forreal yo. You will be (without a doubt) the prettiest bride, ever!!! I have never planned a wedding before, but I know that shit isn't cheap!

Nicole said...

Aww, thanks babycakes!!! I registered at ...theres a lot of good budget things on budget is up to like $6500. I think that's a lot but apparently that's cheap for a wedding. lol.

Dallin Stokes said...

Yeah thats a lot to me, but I am a cheap ass! It's going to be fun though! Are you nervous?!

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