Friday, January 17, 2014

"Will you tuck me in?"

I've been around the LO since he was little.  From the time his Dad would give him a bath, have to dry him off, and wipe his tush.  Now he's self sufficient & can do all of that himself.  In those few years, I've not tucked him in.  Wednesday he actually asked me if I'd tuck him in.  My heart leapt through my throat!  Was this something he was actually asking?  It may seem insignificant to some, but this is normally his and his Dad's routine at night.  I got the usual goodnight hug & sweet dreams, but never got to do the tucking in.  His Dad and I tucked him in that night, said his prayers, and said I love you.  It was in that moment that nothing else mattered. This was a sweet little boy who wanted his Dad & Ms. Cole to tuck him in.  I felt special.  I remember as a kid when my StepMom would tuck me in.  She would say my prayers with me, and sometimes sing me a song.  Her voice always made me feel comforted and at ease right before a night of slumber.  I hope that night, the sound of my voice, and us saying his prayers comforted him.  I wonder if it's something he'll remember?  I wonder if my own StepMom remembers tucking me in at night and how much it meant to me?  Or how much it would mean to me as an adult?  Don't take the little things for granted.  Something as simple as tucking your child in at night, a quick hug, an "I love you" can really mean the difference between a good night or day.

And this concludes Friday's sappy post.


Dallin Stokes said...

Awwwww!!!! Will you tuck me in too?! That is the sweetest thing!!!! But you are right, appreciate the little things. :)

Nicole said...

Thanks babe! :)

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