Monday, February 3, 2014

Lordy lordy, my old man turned 40.

The fiancé recently turned 40.  I am a big time party planner, celebrator of all things life.  Of course we had to have a party. Of course it had to be emotional.  That’s just how I roll.  I got to Pinteresting ideas of things I liked and wanted to recreate but there were actually not very many ideas that I liked, so I started googling ideas.  I found an idea that I just knew I had to do. There was a woman who did “Sixty years of memories” for her Father’s 60th birthday and I knew I had to do something similar.  (Original idea here:

I got to sending out emails and facebook messages to everyone he knows.  Word spread and I started receiving letters back. It was a pain in the ass keeping on top of a few people that I knew were an integral part of making this plan successful BUT the majority came through and I can’t even put into words the emotions that this gift evoked. 

He did mention the night before the party if I was planning to do something emotional he’d prefer I do it earlier in the party.  My cousins at the party thought we should sing happy birthday and then give him the letters to read.  We all gathered around to sing, and then I presented him with the present.  He was totally confused and didn’t know what it was, but I did put a letter in with the envelopes that said “on your 40th birthday, I thought it’d be fun to take a trip down memory lane.”  GAME ON! He sat down on the couch and the majority of the gang gathered around to hear these juicy stories.  I tried to space the sappy letters out so we were laughing more than crying, which I think was an important step.  That way we’d all go from crying, to laughing, it was an emotional rollercoaster!  There were times when he was reading letters that there was not a dry eye in the house.  I think this was the greatest present I’ve ever given, ever.  He is still so very thankful, and anytime he’s having a bad day he can always open up that box and see how much he means to everyone and all of the good times he’s had in life.   He also got lots of wine and restaurant gift cards as gifts, so I hope he’s prepared to take me out to eat. :)

All in all, he had an amazing birthday weekend but I’m sad it’s over!  It was so fun to see everyone and plan surprises for him. 

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Dallin Stokes said...

OMG! The cake was just epic! I am so glad he liked his memory lane letters, most guys would be embarrassed to read them out loud, LOL. What a great party!

Nicole said...

Thanks babe! I made that newspaper thing that they printed on the cake. Gotta love Publix. The letters were amazing!

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